Oyster Heaven

What we are doing

Oyster Heaven’s ambition is to catalyse the regeneration of the decimated marine ecology in the North Sea. We recognise ‘wilding’ as a concept that will ultimately deliver this dream and the Native European Oyster as the stimulus for this change. However, expecting a recovery in the North Sea to blossom on its own over the next decades without intervention is like expecting a desert to transform into a rainforest.

We know that the foundation and impetus of these ecosystems are oyster reefs. We will develop a cost-effective protocol and toolset to create footholds for these dynamic ecosystems to return. Over the long term, we expect Nitrogen and Phosphate offsetting and insetting markets to deliver a self-sustaining business model for users of our technology all over the world. We hope that one day hectares of marine ecosystems can be a part of the sustainable diversified portfolio of teachers’ pension funds next to renewable energy assets and other sustainable instruments.